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Status Rescued
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Maurice is a character in Sir William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is mentioned to be second tallest to Jack.

Character OverviewEdit

Maurice is extroverted and has a strong sense of humour. Although his role was not explored too deeply, it appeared that the ideals of his society were still implanted within him. While Maurice was with him at one point, Roger began to throw stones at Henry. Maurice stayed away from this, possibly because his society before crashing on the island enforced harsh punishments. Maurice does represent the savage masses, as, after the hunters kill a pig, Jack smears blood on his face.

Role in the BookEdit

His first major appearance is when he and Roger walk by Henry, who is playing in the sand. Roger starts to hurl stones in Henry's direction, but Maurice refrains.

Maurice left for Jack's tribe after Jack's fallout with Ralph. Maurice was present in the killing of Simon and in the hunting of Ralph. He was then saved and taken off the island.

Role in the Film Edit

In the 1963 film, Maurice's name is changed to Morris. However, he still plays the same role in the film as he does in the book.

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