Lord of the Flies (1963 film)

 1963 Adaptation

The first movie adaptation of Lord of the Flies was made in 1963. It was directed by Peter Brook, and produced by Lewis M. Allen. It is generally known to resemble the book much more than the 1990 adaptation. The 1963 adaptation is in black and white. The movie was shot in the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico. The song "Kyrie Eleison" which means "Lord, have Mercy" is sung in scenes of the film.



1990 Adaptation

The 1990 adaptation, although based on Lord of the Flies, has many differences to the book. It was directed by Harry Hook and produced by Lewis M. Allen. The boys are all military school cadets, for example. Another difference is the presence of glowsticks as well as an adult on the island with the boys. The movie was rated 61% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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