Ralph from the 1963 film adaptation, portrayed by James Aubrey.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race British
Health Decent
Status Alive, rescued
Location The Island (formerly)

1990 Ralph

Physical Appearance Edit

Ralph is a boy about 12 years old. He has fair hair. William Golding describes Ralph in the book as “You could see now that he might make a boxer, as far as width and heaviness of shoulders went, but there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil."

Character Overview Edit

Ralph represents democracy within the group. He is one of the oldest boys on the island, making him ideal for the leadership role. He clashes with Jack at times and is focused purely on Jack, despite their fights. Jack was impressed with Ralph's skills. Jack told Ralph that he is "chapter chorister" and "head boy" and also proudly announced that he can "sing C#". None of it worked however and this humiliation led Jack to violence. Ralph disapproved of Jack and his hunters' goals on the island, which eventually led to the island'a being split into two tribes. As the story progressed, we came to the conclusion that Ralph did, in fact, like Jack a lot.

Role in the BookEdit

Ralph and Piggy are the first two characters introduced in the book. Ralph at first seems irritated by Piggy, but as the story progresses, he begins to value his knowledge more and more. Ralph uses a conch to call the other boys who are on the island and is voted as leader. He first establishes that the boys need to create a signal fire, he also appoints Jack as the leader of the "hunters".

Ralph then built huts on the beach. He along with Jack and Roger hunted the beast, but they were too startled when they saw the dead parachutist (which they believed was the beast in the darkness) to continue.

Ralph then gets into an argument with Jack and Jack splits from his tribe, leaving him with Piggy and the littluns.

Ralph was furious.

Ralph witnesses the deaths of Simon and Piggy and then is hunted by the hunters as they try to push down the island, flushing him out. Ralph breaks into a dead sprint and stumbles across a naval officer, who rescues them. As the boat leaves the island, Ralph cries seeing that there is no hope for the boys, who are now just savages.

Movie Adaptations Edit

1963 Adaptation Edit

In the 1963 movie adaptation of Lord of the Flies, Ralph is played by James Aubrey. Aubrey was fourteen when filming Lord of the Flies.

1990 Adaptation Edit

In the 1990 adaptation of Lord of the Flies, Ralph is played by Balthazar Getty. Like James Aubrey, he was fourteen at the time of filming. And the was brown haired also.


  • Ralph is said to be twelve years old and a few months.
  • He was created after Ralph Rover.
Ralph's allies
RalphJack MerridewPiggySamnericSimonRoger

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