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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race British
Health Just like everybody else.
Status Rescued
Location Jungle

Character Overview Edit

Samneric are twins who were trapped on the island, just like everyone else that weas stranded on the island. They are twins and are very loyal to the other boys on the island, and act very similar, hence the name "Samneric." Their good former friend Piggy was so nice to them. Roger was so mean to them because they don't approve his ship. Samneric have a very strong sexual tension for each other, they often are caught in bed with one another while slacking off work Edit

Samneric are caught by Jack's tribe when Piggy Ralph, and them go to Jack's tribe location to retrieve Piggy's stolen specs.
Tight Knit Boys - Samneric - Lord of the Flies02:11

Tight Knit Boys - Samneric - Lord of the Flies


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