Tom Chapin is a formerly child-actor that played Jack Merridew. He has blond hair and brown eyes, unlike Jack, but he played the role brilliantly that it's a shame he didn't win any prizes. This drove him to stop being an actor and move with his life. Other than that, he could not use his voice during the filming, as he does not have British accent enough for the main antagonist. He has said "His mother is British" in the Lord of the Flies reunion, so we can assume he is half American, half British. In 1966 he graduated from Pomfret School in Connecticut. He went to Rutgers University, New Jersey and studied french in 1970. In 1984, he attended the University of Texas. He then went to the University of Nevada, Reno in 2002 to study geology. He remains in Reno, Nevada to this day, and works for the Barrick Gold Corp. He is married to Kathleen de souza, and has four kids: two sons and two daughters.

  • He should not be confused with a musician that has the same full name and that was born around the time the actor Chapin was born. Their appearances are alike, even.

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